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Lead Pastor
Stone Moss

Welcome to our messages section, where you can find the passionate and energetic messages delivered by our lead pastor, Stone Moss. As the founder of our church, Pastor Moss has consistently provided our community with sermons that are not only enlightening but are also bursting with energy and fervor.

Featured Message

Healthy Habits Week 1

In today’s ever-evolving world, we often find ourselves caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life, sometimes overlooking the importance of maintaining good health. But did you know that God desires for us to be healthy, not just spiritually, but also physically and mentally?

Most Recent Messages

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How To Save Your Marriage

In “How to Save Your Marriage,” Stone Moss highlights the importance of viewing marriage as a divine covenant, as taught in Matthew 19, emphasizing unity and the sacred bond between one man and one woman. He advocates for strengthening marriages by seeking God together, utilizing prayer and worship to overcome challenges. Moss’s message is clear: by embracing these biblical principles and fostering a spiritual connection, couples can enrich their marriages and set a positive example for the broader community.


What Can I Do

Dive into Stone Moss’s insights on relationships in his sermon “What Can I Do?” Highlighting lessons from Adam and Eve, Moss discusses the importance of self-awareness before and within relationships, and how marriage reveals, rather than changes, our true selves. A compelling watch for those interested in personal and relational growth.


Embrace Simplicity

In “Embrace Simplicity,” Stone Moss, referencing John 2:15-16, highlights how culture drives us towards materialism, causing stress and spiritual disconnect. Moss advocates for a simpler life, focusing on spiritual growth over societal pressures, suggesting true fulfillment comes from inner peace rather than material pursuits.


The Benefits of Fasting

In the sermon “The Benefits of Fasting” by Stone Moss, the focus is on the transformative power of fasting. Moss challenges listeners to engage in a 7-day fast, emphasizing that fasting is not just abstaining from food but can also include forgoing electronics and certain hobbies. This approach to fasting highlights its potential for spiritual growth, allowing for deeper personal reflection and a renewed focus on more significant spiritual matters.



In “Stretch,” a sermon by Stone Moss, he highlights the necessity of spiritual stretching for the church this year. Drawing inspiration from Abraham and Isaac’s story, Moss underscores that challenges and trials are divine opportunities to strengthen faith. He emphasizes that this process is not only inevitable but crucial for the church’s growth and resilience in the current year. The sermon encourages viewing these stretches as essential steps in the church’s spiritual journey.


"First Things First" New Years Eve

In his sermon, Stone Moss emphasizes starting each day with God and inviting others to church as key New Year priorities. He suggests that a daily focus on spirituality sets a blessed foundation for all other activities.


Christmas At Home

he sermon “Christmas Stone Asks 4 Questions” explores the essence of Christmas, emphasizing God’s love as the reason for Jesus’s birth, the necessity of a savior for humanity, the nature of God’s love as described in 1 John 4:7-8, and our annual celebration of Christmas as an act of gratitude for this divine love and salvation.


What Do I Do Now

The sermon “What Do I Do Now” advises turning to God for comfort and guidance after a tragedy, drawing inspiration from the shepherds in Luke’s Gospel. It emphasizes seeking a deeper connection with God through prayer and community, using the shepherds’ transformative experience at the news of Jesus’ birth as a metaphor for finding hope and direction in difficult times. The message encourages openness to God’s guidance, even in unexpected or challenging circumstances.

Associate Pastor
Kris Drew

Meet Pastor Kris Drew – a beacon of faith, wisdom, and spiritual insight. As the Associate Pastor, Kris has been an integral pillar of our community, offering guidance, support, and a fresh perspective on timeless teachings.

Featured Message

I Am More Than A Conqueror

We uncover the deep-seated strength and resilience woven into our very being. Drawing from sacred scriptures and life-affirming stories, this message is a powerful reminder of our innate capacity to rise above challenges and emerge triumphant.


"Now to him who is able to do immeasurable more than all we ask or Imagine. According to his power that is at work within us." Ephesians 3:20


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